Know-how: Piling Foundations

The foundation is the most significant part in building construction whether it is a commercial or a residential structure. Therefore, it is important to get it right -as it carries the structure that sits on top of it. The most effective, up-to-date and robust type of foundation is pile foundation. Today, there are many types of pile foundations according their construction methods. Bored piles however have recently acquired an increased popularity throughout the world and specifically in Great Britain – mainly due to complex soil conditions and space constraints. This technology can be used in any climate, to create the foundations of buildings with deep basements in densely built up areas, with space constraints (as they are constructed with minimum vibration and noise pollution) and structures for any purpose, without affecting the construction of high quality buildings.

Piling works are complicated and simple at the same time. Bored piles are cast by drilling into the soil, followed by reinforcement of the reinforcing cage and pouring concrete. In addition to competent design in accordance with all of the regulations and the use of quality equipment, both of which are important to have to successfully carry out these works, the experience and competence of the team who will carry out the works is of even greater significance – they need to have the appropriate practical and theoretical skills to provide a quality product.

Firstly, one needs an experienced Rig Operator! Works cannot start or continue without them. Typically, such person is a certified specialist who is able to work with different kind of piling rigs and drilling equipment. Their experience and level of skill will highly impact the speed at which these works are carried out. Since works with any mechanical equipment and machinery are always dangerous and require all the participants within the working process to be very focussed and alert, the rig operator is always accompanied by a competent and crafty team of assistants and concreters who install the necessary reinforcement cages, receive ready-mixed concrete and correctly pour it.

Bored piles are manufactured and assembled in a specific sequence. With the help of a drilling rig, a shaft of the specified size and depth is created in the ground. The finished reinforcement cage is lowered into the shaft and is installed along the entire length of the pile. Then concreted is poured into the shaft so that the lower end of the reinforcement cage is submerged in the concrete mixture by at least one meter. To increase the load-bearing capacity, the bored piles are generally extended and widened at the base in a shape of a cone/bell.

Today, the integrity of bored piles is measured using Ultrasonic testing, or cross hole logging (CSL).

This type of pile can support buildings producing heavy vertical loads.  As you can see, in theory, the process is very simple, however these types of work cannot be carried out by just anyone. You need to have an extensive experience and a professional team on board to produce a product of solid and reliable quality.

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