Quantity Surveyor: What Your Construction Project Really Costs


If you wish to live in the real world and not the fairy tale land of quick & cheap construction that Real Estate agents try submerge you into – hiring a QS is your only hope to get rid of all myths and get a real feel for what your project realization is worth prior to purchasing the development site and/or proceeding with the construction project.

QS is the person who will not only tell you upfront what a construction project is going to cost, but once you have decided to take the project on, they will make sure that construction costs and production are managed as efficiently as possible, by evaluating the work completed and its value throughout its every stage.

It may seem that Quantity Surveyor is only worth having for projects of a certain scale, however that is not necessarily true. Should you be looking to build a two-bedroom house or redevelop an existing office block and more over when you are sourcing external funding for your construction project – QS is your best adviser.

There are many reasons to hire the services of a Quantity Surveyor besides those here mentioned, including advice on the necessary Insurance Policies which we talked about in our previous article: https://urbanideal.com/blog/3-documents-to-request-for-protection-of-your-construction-project/.

You can definitely be assured that with a QS you are less likely to overspend on your construction.